Key Member Participation Opportunities

MEC provides a variety of ways for members to participate throughout the year.

Major Events
There are three major events each year - the MEC Annual Meeting, Hobnob Mississippi and MEC Capital Day. These events are held in Jackson and draw leaders from all regions of Mississippi. These are the only paid attendance events hosted by MEC.

Annual Meeting
Held in April, the Annual Meeting draws more than 2,000 business and community leaders, elected officials and students. The annual meeting includes morning sessions on key economic issues, a luncheon that includes a special keynote speaker and entertainment. Also held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting is the Education Celebration recognizing the state's top high school seniors who are selected as STAR students. There are sponsorship opportunities available and special discounted tickets for MEC members.

Hobnob Mississippi
Held under the "Big Top" tent at the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum in Jackson, Hobnob Mississippi is a fun political rally-styled event that features Mississippi's statewide elected officials and candidates for statewide office. Hobnob is held in late October or early November - usually less than a week before the general election. The event, which draws more than 1,500 leaders, features a morning of stump-styled political speaking, a special keynote address and entertainment. Sponsorship opportunities available and special discounted tickets for MEC members are available.

Capital Day
Generally held the first Thursday of the Legislative session, MEC Capital Day is an opportunity for members to meet with their legislators from home while at the Capitol. The morning starts with an opening session featuring key elected leaders, including the Governor. Then attendees go to the State Capitol for briefings from the Lt. Governor, the Speaker of the House and other key legislative leaders. The event, which draws more than 1,200 leaders, is capped off with a lavish buffet-style luncheon. There are sponsorship opportunities available and special discounted tickets for MEC members.

Staying Connected
MEC provides a variety of ways for members to stay connected throughout the year, without having to come to Jackson. The annual MEC tour is one way members can take part in meetings held in their region of the state. The MEC Connect Web-Conference provide members and opportunity to login and listen to various topics. The MEC Legislative Scramblers are breakfast meetings that members can participate in via conference call, no matter where they live.

Annual MEC Tour
In 2013, MEC held a 14-city Insight Tour, allowing members to participate in providing vital feedback on key issues - all of which help MEC in crafting its legislative agenda. The meetings, which are held at no cost to attendees, last for no more than 90 minutes and include lunch or breakfast and provide ample time for networking. The meetings are scheduled in a manner that puts a meeting within an hour's driving distance for everyone in the state. By going to communities in all regions of the state, MEC is able to learn what issues are important in that area and compare regional differences in order to craft a strategy to move our state forward.

MEC Connect
The MEC Connect Web Conferences allows members to dial in or listen through their computers while viewing a presentation from Mississippi leaders on vital topics, such as health care, education and economic development. There is no cost to participate in the MEC Connect and the web conference is just another way MEC allows members to stay connected without ever leaving their desks.

MEC Legislative Scrambler
The MEC Legislative Scramblers give members a way to connect with legislative leaders and provides them with a "meaningful voice at the capitol without leaving their desks." The Scramblers are held throughout the legislative session. Attendees hear brief presentations from legislative leaders on key topics being discussed during the session. For those who aren't able to attend the breakfast in Jackson, they can participate by dialing in via teleconference.

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