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Jamie Clarke

Over the last 20 years, Jamie Clarke has climbed the Seven Summits –including two treks up Mt. Everest–ridden camels across The Empty Quarter of Arabia and created two successful outdoor retail companies, firmly establishing himself as an authority in the business of adventure. With insights from the top of the world and the peaks of business success, companies and organizations including IBM, Audi, Kraft and The Wall Street Journal seek out his expertise on perseverance, leadership and teambuilding.

Raised in Canada, Clarke was inspired by the outdoors at an early age. He first attempted to summit Everest in 1991, but was thwarted just feet from the summit due to a deadly storm, which also deterred him on his second attempt in 1994. Determined and dedicated, he reached the summit for the first time in 1997 and again in 2010.

Self-defined as an ‘Adventrepreneur’, Clarke is the CEO and co-founder of The Out There Adventure Centre and, an ecommerce company that was ranked by Profit Guide as one of Canada’s 50 fastest growing companies and nominated for a National Innovation Award by Canada Post. He is also the co-producer of two documentary films and an author of two bestselling books.

With high energy, humor and palpable passion, Clarke inspires and informs audiences with lessons from his adventures and endeavors, challenging individuals to consider their own Everest and offering actionable strategies for successfully reaching one’s summit–whether in business, academia or perhaps the most dynamic environment of all–life.

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Dorothy Moore

Multi-Grammy® award nominee  Dorothy Moore’s professional career started in the 1960s as the lead singer of a trio called the Poppies. After one Poppies album with Epic label, she went solo. Moore has over thirty years of professional work in the music and entertainment industry and eighteen albums to her credit.

Moore started her label Farish Street Records of Mississippi in 2002. The label is named to honor the legendary street and neighborhood where Dorothy was raised. Not far from her childhood home, Farish Street was the home to live and juke blues music that filled Dorothy's head and heart even in her early years.

She continues to tour, produce and record from Jackson, MS.


 Morning Sessions

9:00-10 a.m. - Session 1

Putting Your Community in the Place of Greatest Opportunity

  • Cary Karlson - Washington County Economic Alliance
  • Chad Newell - Area Development Partnership
  • Chandler Russ - Natchez, Inc.
  • Mitch Stringer - South Mississippi Electric Power Association

10:30 -11:30 a.m. - Session 2

Economic Development: Landing the Big One

  • Jonathan Daniels - Mississippi State Port Authority
  • Ed Gardner - Entergy Mississippi
  • Joe Max Higgins - Golden Triangle Development LINK
  • Brian Useforge - Mississippi Power

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2016 Annual Meeting Sponsors

Corporate • $4,200

  • CEO seat at the head table for top business leaders and elected officials
  • Table of 10 in a priority location at the luncheon
  • CEO’s photo, name/title, and company will scroll on large screens at luncheon
  • Company logo displayed on prominent back page location of the 2015/2016 MEC Annual Report*
  • Company logo (digital version) will scroll on large screens at luncheon and on flat screens in lobby
  • Company booth space along Corporate Row area in lobby
  • Reserved sign with company logo on luncheon table
  • Discounts for additional tables

Leadership • $1,800

  • Table of 8 at the luncheon
  • Company logo displayed inside back cover of the 2015/2016 MEC Annual Report*
  • Company logo (digital version) will scroll on large screens at luncheon
  • Reserved sign with company name on luncheon table
  • Discounts for additional tables

Supporter • $900

  • 3 seats in open seating area at luncheon
  • Company name listed in 2015/2016 MEC Annual Report*

Entrepreneur • $300

Intended for businesses with fewer than 10 employees, government, and non-profit organizations

  • One seat in open seating area at luncheon
  • Company name listed in 2015/2016 MEC Annual Report*

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