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featuring dr carsonThe Governor’s Health Care Economic Development Summit, featuring U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, will address how healthcare can be an economic driver through community planning and development, and highlight our successes in building a robust healthcare economy in Mississippi.

  • With a new medical school in Jackson and a Medical City on the Coast that features our state’s second school of pharmacy to go with a new nursing school, Mississippi is educating the healthcare professionals of the future.
  • Building that workforce is critical. Each doctor creates an economic impact of $2 million in his or her community. That is meaningful economic development.
  • That expanded pool of providers, combined with innovative technologies like telehealth, will ensure every Mississippian has access to quality healthcare that will render positive outcomes.

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Mississippi Healthcare Solutions Institute

Healthcare is about serving the health and wellness needs of people, but it also is about serving the economic health and wellness of a state, region and community. Healthcare is an economic driver that can enhance the business competitiveness of the state and create jobs and wealth. In fact, Mississippi hospitals account for 5.7% of all state-wide employment, with a total economic impact of $5.8 billion.

State business and political leaders recognize healthcare has the potential for not only significant short-term health and economic impacts, but also long-term economic growth. That is why Blueprint Mississippi set healthcare as one of its targeted goals for Mississippi's future economic success.

The Blueprint Mississippi:Healthcare study was commissioned to examine aspects of the Mississippi healthcare sector and provide solid implementation strategies to support:

Workforce Development
A healthy, productive population enhances the prospects of business attraction, retention and growth.

Quality of Life
Accessible, affordable healthcare improves the lives of Mississippians and provides a better quality of place because of availablity of quality services, as well as jobs and opportunities from all the facets of the healthcare system.

Business Sustainability
Healthier workers will reduce lost time due to illness and will increase productivity, improving Mississippi's competitiveness, growth and sustainability.

Creation of Economic Wealth
Growth of a statewide healthcare industry cluster and collaboration across this economic sector will contribute jobs and encourage wealth creations.

Strategic Initiative


Message from Clay Hays, M.D.
Chair, MHSI

The healthcare industry and the world of economic development are inextricably linked. In his inaugural State of the State address, Governor Phil Bryant asked the Mississippi Economic Council to conduct a study to find out how we can build greater economic development opportunities in healthcare.

The creation of the Mississippi Healthcare Solutions Institute (MHSI) grew out of the long-term economic plan developed by the Mississippi Economic Council's recent Blueprint Mississippi Healthcare: An Economic Driver study.

This is an important time for the healthcare industry in Mississippi and I am excited to be a part of MHSI and their efforts to ensure that the expansive healthcare opportunities in Mississippi are realized.