Pike County Recognizes Mississippi Scholars and Mississippi Scholars Tech Master Students

pike county

Pike County had more than 150 students combined to graduate with the MS Scholars and MS Scholars Tech Master designation this past springs.

Southwest Mississippi Community College gave 8 scholarships worth $1000 and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce awarded 42 scholarships worth $250.00 each. The Carl Dunaway Burger King Scholarship for $500 was awarded to one student.

The speaker was South Pike’s 2008 valedictorian, Jasmin Magee. Jasmin is a 2016 Juris doctorate candidate at the University of MS School of Law in Oxford.

Area eighth-graders in the County gather at Southwest MS Community College’s Regional Workforce Training Center for the Real World simulation sponsored by Pike County Chamber of Commerce earlier in this year. Students were assigned occupations with varying pay. Lessons learned included how to fill out a checkbook correctly and tips on how to manage money. Area bankers and local business owners also participated in the event. Students paid for essential services such as transportation, housing, utilities, entertainment, insurance and clothing.

Wendy Smith, Director of the Southwest Workforce Training Center and Vice President of Education Committee on the Pike County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors played a HUGE roll in the program this year. She also started the Real World simulation program.

Catherine Sanders, Executive Director Pike County Chamber is the coordinator of the MS Scholars and Tech Master programs in Pike County. 


Jasper County honors Mississippi Scholars and Mississippi Scholars Tech Master Students

Daily Herald pic Jasper CountyJasper County honors Mississippi Scholars and Mississippi Scholars Tech Master Students.

The Mississippi Scholars program in Jasper County includes East and West Jasper County plus 2 private schools. This year, 14 presenters made 265 presentations to 8th graders in the County. Students were required to write an essay on community service and participate in interviews with 18 professionals from the Rotary and business community.  

Bay Springs Rotary Club Awards Luncheon was held at City Hall and recognized 39 Mississippi Scholars with a $250 scholarship totaling $9,750. High school students or county residents who reside in Jasper County have the opportunity to attend Jones County Junior College (JCJC) tuition free through the Jasper County Tuition Guarantee Program (JCTGP). The JCTGP program was approved by the Jasper County Board of Supervisors to create a pathway for the residents in Jasper County seeking to obtain a college education.

HOL-MAC CORPORATION President and COO Jamie Holder along with Founder Charles B. Holder, Jr. are supporters of Mississippi Scholars and Mississippi Scholars Tech Master. Charles B. Holder, Jr. is a member of the Mississippi Scholars Tech Master Council, which is designed to help Mississippi move forward to improve its workforce readiness by encouraging and recognizing students to pursue and meet specific standards in a tech-prep course of study.    

Winston County Honors Mississippi Scholars and Mississippi Scholars Tech Master Students

Winston County

Lots of exciting things happening in Winston County with Mississippi Scholars and Mississippi Scholars Tech Master. Local presenters made presentations in 5 schools to more than 270 students across the county. This year, the county recognized 36 MS Scholars compared to 54 in 2014.

Three Mississippi Scholars received $1,000 scholarships each and celebrated at Lake Tiak-O-Khata. They are featured above from left to right: Ty Fulton, Louisville High School; Colby Jones, Noxapater High School; and Andrew Woodruff, Winston Academy.

Under the leadership of Mary Snow, Winston County Coordinator for Mississippi Scholars and Mississippi Scholars Tech Master, the Chamber will meet with 9th-10th graders in all 5 schools after report cards to monitor progress. The theme for the County is "Get You Head in the Game."


A.E.E. of Jones County Awards Mississippi Scholars and Mississippi Scholars Tech Master Graduates

Jones County Program

The Association for Excellence in Education (A.E.E.), located in Jones County, honored 275 Mississippi Scholars and Mississippi Scholars Tech Master students at an event held at Life Church.

There were 12 scholarships given out to Tech Master Graduates from Sanderson Farms. Robin Robinson, Director of Organization Development and Corporate Communication, Sanderson Farms, Inc. and incoming MEC Chair 2016-2017 presented the awards from Sanderson Farms to Tech Master graduates.

Students were from Laurel High School, Northwest Jones High School, South Jones High School and West Jones High School. Click here for more information about Association for Excellence in Education.