Total of Closed Bridges in Mississippi Tops 215 in 63 Counties Following Federal Inspections from December-March

There are 57 local county and municipal bridges that are still closed following a Federal Highway Administration audit of 114 bridges. A total of 72 of the bridges were labeled in need of immediate attention and some of the bridges have been repaired and reopened.

The Federal Highway Administration's inspections began in early December 2016 and concluded to March 2, 2017. The 57 bridges that remained closed as of Wednesday were in 20 counties throughout Mississippi. The average daily traffic counts on the recently closed local bridges totals more than 16,300 daily.

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Many of the closed bridges are slated for repair as soon as possible. The list of closed bridges were provided to Senate Highways and Transportation Chair Willie Simmons and House Transportation Chair Charles Busby.

With the addition of the recent closures, there are now more than 215 bridges at the local level that are currently unusable. These bridges are in 63 different counties across Mississippi. The average daily traffic counts on all of the closed local bridges totals more than 47,000.

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Information was provided by the Mississippi Office of State Aid Road Construction.