Stone wool manufacturer ROXUL Inc. has officially rebranded to ROCKWOOL in North America, creating greater unity with its global parent company. The change will allow ROCKWOOL to better leverage its collective strengths to better serve its customers while driving further growth and investment in capacity, workforce and infrastructure.

The company serves the residential, commercial, roofing, OEM (core solutions) and technical insulation (industrial, marine & offshore) markets. North American customers and consumers will see the ROCKWOOL rebrand supported throughout 2018 with a new, interactive website, increased presence, promotional efforts, and communications.

ROCKWOOL’s advanced, high-performance stone wool solutions have been quietly making buildings and people safer and more comfortable for over 80 years. The company’s insulation products are non-combustible, water repellant, sound absorbent, and resistant to mold and mildew. They address many common challenges of modern living, including energy consumption, sustainability, and the need for safer, more resilient cities. ROCKWOOL products can contribute to achieving LEED® goals.